exception embed_video.backends.EmbedVideoException[source]

Parental class for all embed_video exceptions

class embed_video.backends.SoundCloudBackend(url, is_secure=False)[source]

Backend for SoundCloud URLs.

exception embed_video.backends.UnknownBackendException[source]

Exception thrown if video backend is not recognized.

exception embed_video.backends.UnknownIdException[source]

Exception thrown if backend is detected, but video ID cannot be parsed.

class embed_video.backends.VideoBackend(url, is_secure=False)[source]

Base class used as parental class for backends.

class MyBackend(VideoBackend):
allow_https = True

Sets if HTTPS version allowed for specific backend.


Returns video code matched from given url by re_code.

get_embed_code(width, height)[source]

Returns embed code rendered from template template_name.


Returns thumbnail URL folded from pattern_thumbnail_url and parsed code.


Returns URL folded from pattern_url and parsed code.

classmethod is_valid(url)[source]

Class method to control if passed url is valid for current backend. By default it is done by re_detect regex.

pattern_thumbnail_url = None

Pattern in which the code is inserted to get thumbnail url.


pattern_url = None

Pattern in which the code is inserted.


re_code = None

Compiled regex (re.compile()) to search code in URL.

Example: re.compile(r'myvideo\.com/\?code=(?P<code>\w+)')

re_detect = None

Compilede regec (re.compile()) to detect, if input URL is valid for current backend.

Example: re.compile(r'^http://myvideo\.com/.*')

template_name = 'embed_video/embed_code.html'

Name of embed code template used by get_embed_code().

Passed template variables: {{ backend }} (instance of VideoBackend), {{ width }}, {{ height }}

exception embed_video.backends.VideoDoesntExistException[source]

Exception thrown if video doesn’t exist

class embed_video.backends.VimeoBackend(url, is_secure=False)[source]

Backend for Vimeo URLs.

class embed_video.backends.YoutubeBackend(url, is_secure=False)[source]

Backend for YouTube URLs.


Detect the right backend for given URL.

Goes over backends in settings.EMBED_VIDEO_BACKENDS, calls is_valid() and returns backend instance.