Source code for embed_video.utils

from importlib import import_module

from django.core.exceptions import ImproperlyConfigured

[docs]def import_by_path(dotted_path, error_prefix=''): """ Import a dotted module path and return the attribute/class designated by the last name in the path. Raise ImproperlyConfigured if something goes wrong. .. warning:: .. deprecated:: Django 1.6 Function :py:func:`django.utils.module_loading.import_by_path` has been added in Django 1.6. :param dotted_path: Path to imported attribute or class :type dotted_path: str :return: imported attribute or class """ try: module_path, class_name = dotted_path.rsplit('.', 1) except ValueError: raise ImproperlyConfigured("%s%s doesn't look like a module path" % ( error_prefix, dotted_path)) try: module = import_module(module_path) except ImportError as e: msg = '%sError importing module %s: "%s"' % ( error_prefix, module_path, e) raise ImproperlyConfigured(msg) try: attr = getattr(module, class_name) except AttributeError: raise ImproperlyConfigured('%sModule "%s" does not define a "%s" \ attribute/class' % (error_prefix, module_path, class_name)) return attr